1990 Nissan Skyline gts-t M-type  100% legal – includes a folder of ALL paperwork As i have daily driven this for roughly 500 miles I have had sooo many thumbs up and looks. Not many cars can you get for just over $10,000 that gets as much attention as this car will. Be prepared! This is the gts-t which is the RWD lighter version of the skyline which includes the M-type package option. The last owner in Japan had to have been a female as I found a bobby pin, starbucks napkin, and some jewelry in the vehicle when it arrived.  The car came completely stock besides a Blitz cat back exhaust and a turbo timer. The car does not seem to have been abused or raced/riced. I added the shift knob/ebrake handle and shift/ebrake suede boots. I also fitted the car with a detachable NRG hub and Sparco suede steering wheel. I also did general maintenance on the car which includes a new coil pack wiring harness, NGK spark plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, shifter bushing (not needed just feels better to shift). The car has been driven almost every day since I got it a month ago. I will list all the flaws with the car here so there are no surprises. The flaws mainly are bodywork and for a 25 year old car I’d consider the body condition above average. 1. AC needs charging 2. No Radio 3. Driver side window switch needs resoldered or replaced (works but you have to flick it back and forth until it goes up/down.) 4. A few dings/dents 5. Rear driver side quarter panel dent thats larger than a small dent (see pic) 6. Front passenger side bumper scratches. I went to a body shop who quoted me $1,200 to fix all the body work issues. Engine is strong with no issues smoke or indications of failing. Transmission shifts fine with no grinds in any gear. Headlights/highbeams are fine. Turn signals/hazards work. No electrical/wiring issues. Seats and interior in impeccable condition and way above average for 25 years old (other than no radio). There is no rust anywhere in engine bay or any part of car other than slight SURFACE rust found on one specific spot on undercarriage which can easily be corrected. The engine bay is super clean and timing belt was recently changed along with what looks like a shinier alternator as well. There is no pet, tobacco, or any other funky smells.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States