So you want a big, bad Toyota Supra to scare lessor cars off the streets, but you don’t want to turbocharge the motor within an inch of its life? Why not try a full 400 hp LS2 V8 drivetrain installed in the super-slick body instead? Since we know you don’t have the schedule to make a quality build yourself, then maybe it’s time you look at this stealthy 1995 Toyota Supra. From the outside there’s not much to let you know that there is a beast within. Up front there’s clear headlights, a new bumper skirt, and VDLR racing wheels to give this a tasteful custom appearance. Still, there are no drastic enhancements to ruin one of the best looking cars ever to come out of Japan. It’s distantly Asian in its slippery design, but with much more premium feeling than other cars that crossed the Pacific. This is the hardtop model, which benefits from the added stiffness of a fixed roof. The whole package is cloaked in new white paintwork that wraps this wolf in a sheep’s pristine white clothing.

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