real looker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nissan 300ZX convertible with German approval, very rare in Germany, with German approval with 19ZOLL DOTZ HANZO WHITE EDITION rims, front 245/35, rear 265/35 with new tires, Spurvereiterung 10mm front / 40mm rear, (with are original chrome 16ZOLL Nissan and the original Bumper). The Veilside bodykit and wheels have not yet registered. it would have a full acceptance be made Cost of which about 500, – to 600, -EUR. Since the car is now about 4-5 years is with me just in the garage, you should change all of the oils before you drive long distances with it. Trade-in, or exchange for an interesting car might be possible, offering easy times. I would Interess of an SUV with the gas plant, eg Porsche Cayenne . Since the car is in the garage for so long and I’m not a screwdriver, I sell it here as hobbyist vehicle. , The American Nissan 300ZX convertible is shorter than the European model, so it looks even more dynamic! The Mileage is about 120.000, since the stand is indicated in miles.

Sulingen, Deutschland