Hello you guys, The Buyer from this past week was not able to follow through on the purchase so here is the advertisement again for my BJ46. I am selling my 1983 BJ46 LX DIESEL Toyota Land Cruiser VIN NUMBER BJ46000280. Toyota ONLY made these for the Japanese Domestic Market and they fall into the category of ULTRA-RARE. In fact, I have collected over 43 Land Cruisers since 1975 and this one is perhaps the rarest of the bunch ( falls into the top 3 that I have owned ). PLEASE NOTE: ALL RECEIPTS from the work that we did WILL BE SENT TO THE BUYER. Here is a brief description of my BJ46: # FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING # FACTORY POWER STEERING # FACTORY PTO WINCH # FACTORY 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION # FACTORY 3B DIESEL # ENGINE COMPRESSION HOT= 490 PSI, 460 PSI, 440 PSI, 440 PSI # FACTORY FRONT FACING REAR COUCH SEATING # FACTORY ULTRA RARE ZEBRA SEAT PATTERN # ONLY 59,652 ORIGINAL MILES ( 96K ACCURATE KILOMETERS ON A MILLION KM ODOM ) # HI-LOW 4 WHEEL DRIVE # TOW HITCH # EXTRA CARGO SPACE FOR STUFF # QUIET RIDE DUE TO 5 SPEED # GOOD POWER FROM 3B DIESEL ( CAN GO ANYWHERE ) # EXTREMELY WELL BUILT MILITARY SPEC # NEW BFGOODRICH ALL TERRAIN 33 X 10.50 X 15 # NEW FACTORY WHEELS AND HUB CAPS X 5 FROM “Cool Cruisers of Texas” # ALL FLUIDS INCLUDING OIL, OIL FILTER, TRANSMISSION, TRANSFER CASE, FRONT AND REAR DIFFERENTIALS AND COOLANT JUST REPLACED # VALVE ADJUSTMENT JUST DONE # UNDERCARRIAGE BODY WORK AND RAPTOR LINING JUST DONE BY PETE’S CUSTOM PAINT OF MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA # CRUISER FRAME IN EXCELLENT CONDITION # NEW FRONT POLY BUSHINGS FROM ” Spector Off Road in Chatsworth, California # 2 NEW H-4 HEADLAMPS from Specter Off Road # ALL LIGHTS AND ELECTRICAL FUNCTIONING THEY SHOULD # FACTORY PTO WINCH WORKS PERFECTLY # RETUBE AND BALANCE SHAFT # NEW DOME LIGHT ASSEMBLY # NEW OIL SENDING UNIT # NEW 5 SPEED SHIFT KNOB # NEW VINYL DRIVERS SEAT SECTION RECOVERED # NEW RADIO DELETE PLATE # REPLACED POWER STEERING PUMP # AIR CONDITIONING BLOWS NICE AND COLD # HEATER BLOWS NICE AND HOT # INTERIOR IN EXCELLENT CONDITION INCLUDING ALL ORIGINAL KNOBS, CONTROLS, LAMPS, GAUGES, HEADLINER, TRIM, SEATS, RARE VINYL FLOORING, SEAT BELTS, REAR CARGO FLOORING, STEERING TIGHT WITH ONLY 59,652 ORIGINAL MILES ON CRUISER, 4 WHEEL DRIVE SHIFTS EASILY, PTO WINCH SHIFTER WORKS WELL IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, GLOW PLUG INDICATOR WORKS PERFECTLY # NEW EXTERIOR BADGES # RE-PAINT DONE BY JAPANESE OWNER RECENTLY AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION # BRAND NEW RANCHO RS5113 AND RS5116 FRONT AND REAR SHOCKS # 3.5 INCH LIFT DONE BY JAPANESE OWNER ( all good shape ) # IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT PARTS. I HAVE OWNED MANY DIESEL CRUISERS ( BJ40, 41, 42, 44 AND THE 46 ) AND I HAVE GREAT CONNECTIONS DOMESTICALLY FOR PARTS INCLUDING SPECTOR OFF ROAD IN CHATSWORTH. ALSO NOTE THAT THE BODY PARTS ARE THE SAME FOR THE DOMESTIC LAND CRUISERS PRODUCED DURING THOSE YEARS SO I WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU IN THE FUTURE IF YOU EVER NEED IT. I CURRENTLY ASSIST OTHERS. ############################# I may have forgotten some stuff but I can tell you that we refreshed everything that needed to be addressed so that the end user can just enjoy the cruiser either OFF ROAD in any conditions or ON THE FREEWAY if wanting a good solid beautiful and rare DAILY DRIVER. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW RARE THIS LAND CRUISER IS. Any buyer could easily enter local competitions with this BJ46 and I can tell you it gets endless attention ( so be prepared ). I want to also emphasize for those who are not familiar with the mid size cruiser that it is really family friendly. Fits easily in the garage, offers front facing rear seating unlike classic standard FJ40 face to face cargo seating. MUCH NICER to sit facing forward when in the back seat ( the kids sure like sitting this way ). I own another one just like this one that I am NOT selling. I will never sell my other one. It is my full time driver. In my opinion, the BJ46 like your seeing in this ad is the nicest all around cruiser you can own if your looking for that old classic BJ / FJ look. The 3B DIESEL in this cruiser is one of Toyota’s top ten engines that they ever built and if taken care of can exceed 400k miles. The BJ46 is a tough but luxurious addition to the Land Cruiser family. It simply does not get any better than this if your looking for the old classic cruiser look and integrity.They are extremely difficult to find. I found this one in Japan, had it shipped over and then we began our refresh. ALL PAPERWORK IS IN ORDER. IT IS CURRENTLY REGISTERED AND TITLED HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. NO ISSUES AS I WILL JUST SIGN OVER THE TITLE TO THE NEW BUYER. NOTE: I WILL HAVE A VIDEO AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. NOTE: AS YOU CAN SEE THESE RARE BIRDS ARE NOT CHEAP. BASED ON THE RARITY, THE CONDITION AND THE AMOUNT OF WORK THAT MY CREW AND THE CREW IN JAPAN HAVE PUT INTO THE CRUISER I THINK THAT I HAVE PRICED IT FAIRLY. IF you leave it alone, don’t customize it, leave it all STOCK CONDITION the way you see it then you will have continued equity over the years and certainly be able to enjoy a profit if you ever decide to sell it, especially this one since it’s so dang rare. ANY QUESTIONS, comments or additional pictures or info needed please let me know and I will supply for you. FEEL FREE to have a CERTIFIED DIESEL mechanic come and check it out if you like. Full disclosure I feel is important here so again, feel free to have it checked out. I stand by everything I said above and based on my years of expertise I think whomever buys this cruiser will have many years of solid good service from it. Thanks and after you do your research, I look forward to your offer. Please note: We are getting many people that see the pics and see the cruiser live commenting that it looks restored. It is NOT. It is a nicely done “refresh”. A full restoration, as you well know, entails tearing a cruiser down to the nuts and bolts and then rebuilding it. That cost would be much higher. My suggestion to the future buyer? Enjoy it and as you go along, restore it to perfection as time allows. Regards, DAVE / GLOBALVU3NN3

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Location: Temecula, California, United States