Overall condition is very good. The interior is very clean and the body is pretty straight. Paint is still good for its age. There are some imperfections but it’s still better than most 3000gts out there. Front bumper has some cracks in the paint, there are some small dings and dents on the left quarter (parking lot).It has been repainted at some point but it is not the best paint job. However it still shines and looks great. It has some issues like the window not going all the way down and it’s a very loud. Lifters tick due to the cams but the engine is built solid. DOES NOT come with the catback exhaust system, I am working on getting another one now but sold without one for now. No rust anywhere ! Now onto the good stuff. All done around when the car had 144,000 miles on the chassis and now has 153,000 so just about 8000 miles on the build.  Aem ems v1 Ecu 660 cc injectors Walbro 255 with Hotwire kit 13g turbos Wiesco pistons 3sx rods Clevite bearings 264 cams 3sx stage 2 clutch Fidanza flywheel with replaceable face plates Resurfaced heads with new valve stem seals Front mount inter cooler Fidanza adjustable cam gears Obx front differential

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