I have had this CRX for about 5 years.  I built it to be the cleanest CRX anyone had ever seen and to do an occasional track day or autocross.  It was pretty much stock when I bought it in excellent condition but It did have a California barred and reffed B18C1 GSR swap.  The engine was pulled from a high mileage Integra so it was tired and smoked so I ordered the 99 spec JDM B18C full swap.  I really spent my time with it before installing the Type R including, full paint including engine bay and door jams, full wire tuck and most of the mods you will see below were installed on engine prior to going into the car.  Thats where things escalated and I ended up spending over $30k on this project.  Since buying the car it has been covered and kept in the garage.  I have taken it to 2-3 driving school track days at Thunder Hill raceway and the car did amazing.  A car this light is very difficult to keep up with, it would easily run against 80k Porches, Skylines and Corvettes and would generally dust them in the twisty sections.  Nothing like a fast Honda to Piss of a guy with a brand new Porsche.  It is a very easy car to control and handles great.  Since moving to San Diego there is not a racetrack near by so I tried autocross once.  The car did well but autocross isn’t really my thing.  Other than those few events I have taken it on Sunday cruises a few times and drive it to work at least once a month.  When I put the engine in it I reset the odometer to 30,000 miles.  It now has 31,714 so I have driven it 1,714 miles in the past 5 years.  Many parts don’t even have that much mileage on them like the Wilwood brake kit barely has 20 miles on it.  Never had and mishaps, wrecks or damage.  The car is in amazing condition and all work is done to the highest level of perfection.  I am a helicopter pilot and spent many years as a mechanic and car alarm / stereo installer and I did not spare any time or expense on my baby.  I have personally turned / inspected / replaced just about every nut / bolt / fastener / cable / hose / bushing / bearing / part on this car and have thousands of hours invested into it on top of the cash and I loved every minute of it.

Price: Auction

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Location: La Jolla, California, United States