The RX7’s real calling card, however, was the revolutionary 2-rotor Wankel engine. No pistons, no crankshaft, no valves, just a pair of triangular rotors inside a beer-keg-sized housing. The design was compact and efficient, and happily spun to 7000 RPM and beyond with incredible smoothness. It’s a delight to row through the gears of the standard 5-speed gearbox, and despite its reputation for complexity, a well-maintained Mazda rotary engine is simply a joy to drive. The engine bay is highly detailed and shows signs of care over the decades, and underneath it’s extremely clean with no signs of trouble, just as you’d expect from a car showing just 83,694 original miles. Stylish alloy wheels look ’80s funky and wear 205/60/14 radials that are affordable and more than adequate for the lightweight RX7.

Location: Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States

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