You are looking at an exclusive FJ40 Japanese Spec Toyota Land Cruiser. This FJ40 has been restored by our team of professionals with over 40 years of combined experience dedicated to Land Cruisers and custom restorations. It went through a TRUE professional and comprehensive frame off, bolt and nut restoration. All original bolts and nuts were media blasted and yellow zinc plated, all other bolts and nuts such as the hardware on doors are stainless steel,  hinges, mirrors, floors, headlamps and any other accessory are Toyota OEM brand new. Chassis, drive shafts, axles, and differential housings were sand blasted and powder coated. Every single ball bearing, gasket and seal was replaced for a new one. MANY UPGRADES has been done to this mint condition looking car such as an ice cold slim vintage looking A/C from Nostalgic Air. It has a 2.5” CCOT HFS SUSPENSION KIT   with ½” Shackles and in the front and 2 ½” extended shackles at the back. It has CROSS DRILLED BRAKE ROTORS  which will provide better stopping power and heat dissipation as well. The car was originally a Freeborn Red color code 309 but It was painted in an original Toyota Color QUICKSAND BEIGE from the FJ CRUISER with color code 2KP. I was so anal with this restoration that even the new VIN PLATE TAG was engraved with the 2KP code on it!! How cool is that? It has a 5 SPEED H55F Gear box! with 33×10.5 R15 BFG KM2 and NITRO GEAR AND AXLE 4.56  THICK CUT GEARS! I have taken this FJ40 easily to 90 MPH in the highway with zero steering wander because it also has a FRONT SHACKLE REVERSAL KIT. The front shackle reversal kit gives you many many pros and additional upgrades into the handling on and offroad of the vehicle.  I will not get to technical about it, but you can google it and see the benefits of having this installed into any FJ40. NOTE: These cars were not meant to be driven so fast and not that anyone will always drive it that fast, but with the 5 speed H55F Toyota transmission combined with the 4.56 gears, and the shackle reversal kit, those 33” are moved very easily at highway speeds.

Miami, Florida, United States