Miss the Land Cruiser bandwagon? Well, this 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 might be your last chance to get a great one for anything approaching an affordable price. With prices skyrocketing, this very well finished truck with just 945 miles on the restoration is the one to own now and in the future. The tan paint is only three years old and exactly captures the go-anywhere look that made the FJ40 famous. Actually, they probably never looked this good and if you were using it correctly, it certainly didn’t stay this shiny and fresh for long. Fortunately, this one seems to have lived a pretty easy life in the suburbs rather than the Outback, and as a result the bodywork is straight (literally!). Flat-sided sheetmetal makes the FJ40 durable, easy to service, and simple to build but restoring one to this level can be a challenge. Just look at how well the hood fits, the neat flush-fitting doors, and the new weatherstripping used throughout, all signs of a quality restoration that started with good base stock. Contrasting black details like the bumpers, grille, and roof all give it a rough-and-tumble look that’s instantly recognizable and while these are easy to customize, this one remains pretty much the way the factory built it.